People will judge a business based on its visual appeal in a matter of seconds. Your product or service might be the best thing to come along since apple pie, but if you have a poor design, no one will stick around long enough to know. Design should entice, engage and persuade. There is a science to making it work involving color combinations, typefaces, imagery and tones which is difficult to get right.

Graphic Design

Graphic design must serve several purposes. Your presentation needs to be consistent across every customer-facing platform. From business cards to website to videos, customers want to have the same experience. Consistency conveys professionalism, and professionalism conveys credibility.

Web Design

Having a new website is nice. Having a website which converts website visits into an action is what you need. An expertly designed website will encourage visitors to act, whether it’s adding an item to a cart or dialing a phone number.


People are hardwired to receive and share stories; it’s in our nature. Our sensory cortex lights up when we hear a story that captivates us. Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium. People are about ten times more likely to comment or share a video within social posts.

Whether it’s educational, promotional, historical or entertainment, we can capture and create the video you need.

The Mackinaw - WAGB-83, is the biggest Icebreaker that ever sailed the Great Lakes. Her sixty-two year career is one of legend, and she can still be seen as a floating museum in Mackinaw City, Michigan. We made a video to help tell her story and you can see part one here. We can help you promote a project as well. Visit the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum web page.

Today’s media overloads our senses with information and we have adapted to sort through what’s in front of us more quickly.
Advertising videos need to be eye catching and quick. Let us help you make a 15 second video.


Worth a thousand words, the right photographs can capture a precious moment, convey feeling, inspire emotion and project a cultural persona. Let us help you capture those photographs and images.

About us

dwhoo Media Design is located in Charlevoix Michigan and bring varying backgrounds in marketing, web design, photography, video creation, editing and more. We can be reached by email or phone.
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